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It’s no secret that Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia. Here you can explore all the rich, and vibrant city has to offer including a world-class art scene. From the galleries to the streets, you will discover something exciting. With historical roots, the city’s art scene continues to thrive and offers something stimulating and inspiring for people from all walks of life. Whether you are just visiting Melbourne, are an independent artist or you are an art enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed by what the city has to offer.

Where it All Began

 In the early stages of planning, Richard Hoddle, the senior surveyor wanted to create large sweeping roads throughout Melbourne. However, Governor Richard Bourke envisioned narrow streets. Both of these ideas were incorporated which is why the city was designed as a grid style system. These are the foundations for the thriving art scene that exists in Melbourne today. Heritage plays an integral part in the creative aspect of Melbourne.

Many different styles are combined delivering a bohemian feel that excites at every twist and turn throughout the CBD. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as you explore the city with endless inspiration. Street art is embraced by the city allowing it to flourish and integrate art throughout the laneways. Visionary business owners have allowed their shop fronts to embrace the artistic flavour of the area. The government and local council support the local artworks allowing the art scene to continually evolve and provide a canvas for artists’ freedom of expression.

Must Visit Art Galleries

 You will find yourself spoilt for choice with over 100 art galleries based all around the city. Whether you are a Melbournian or a visitor, an artist or an art enthusiast, here is a list of the city’s must see art galleries:



National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

NGV is the oldest gallery in Australia, founded back in 1861. NGV consists of two impressive buildings that house the works of local and international artists. Get involved by visiting exhibitions or check out current programs and events. You will find everything from contemporary art to historical displays, fashion, architecture, sound and dance. Explore over 70,000 works that celebrate a variety of ideas and styles for free.


Melbourne Museum

Discover more about this vibrant city by visiting the Melbourne Museum. Permanent collections allow you to explore Victoria’s culture and history through a variety of mediums while also displaying temporary collections from all over the world to enrich your experience.


Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

Federation Square is home to many cultural attractions including ACMI. Delve into the world of moving image in all of its forms including, film, television, digital culture and games. There are opportunities to engage through the ACMI to explore the art of the moving image. Both businesses and individuals are encouraged to explore this creative attraction.


Anna Schwartz Gallery

In 1985 Anna Schwartz opened her gallery on Flinders Lane to showcase Australia’s highly regarded contemporary artists. Schwartz has an eye for talent, and you will find only the best in this unforgettable gallery.


The Ian Potter Centre

Australia has an array of exceptional art which is why the Ian Potter Centre exclusively displays Australian art. Immerse yourself in over 20 galleries that celebrate everything from Aboriginal art to Modern Australian talent. View the history of Australia from a range of perspectives and through different mediums. Explore exhibitions or engage in an educational program run through the Ian Potter Centre.


ARC ONE Gallery

ARC ONE displays a range of contemporary Australian artworks. It supports works from award-winning and internationally acclaimed artists through to up and coming talent. You will find a consistently high standard of art throughout the gallery.

Take it to the Streets

You don’t need to venture into a gallery to see what Melbourne has to offer. Our street art is internationally renowned. Board a tram or stroll through the vibrant city streets where you will find an abundance of public artworks and street art. Prepare to be inspired no matter where you turn. You will find creative expression all over the city.

The City of Melbourne provides permits for approved locations for artists to explore their ideas down laneways and on buildings. It sets the atmosphere and offers a creative outlet. It is designed for everyone to enjoy and has gained international attention for the positive energy that it fosters in this artistic hub.

It is forever changing and you can find new and unique creative expressions throughout the city. There was an attempt to preserve artwork by Banksy by installing a Perspex screen. However, this was met with backlash and graffiti destroyed the piece. The street art is meant to be forever changing and not to be kept static.
Art is intended to be seen, explored and enjoyed by all. You will find many public artworks around the city for everyone to experience. Public artworks allow different ideas to be brought to the space and provide something interesting for locals and visitors. It opens up discussion and has visual appeal.

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